Cadbury Milk Tray 360g


Cadbury milk tray is a classic timeless box of chocolates.

Packed with all those favorites and with so many to choose from this makes a great gift.

  • Gift items are subject to a minimum online spend of £20.


Caramel Softy: Milk chocolate with caramel interior.

Hazelnut Swirl: A whole roasted hazelnut in a whirl of milk chocolate.

Strawberry Temptation: Milk chocolate with a smooth strawberry filling and a layer of vanilla creme.

Fudge Duet: Vanilla flavour fudge covered with milk chocolate.

Orange Truffle: Orange segment-shaped chocolate truffle with a hint of orange flavour, enrobed in milk chocolate.

Perfect Praline: Milk chocolate with a soft praline centre.

Salted Caramel Charm: Chewy caramel enrobed in sea salt and milk chocolate with a drizzle of white chocolate.

Truffle Heart: Milk chocolate with a soft cocoa truffle filling.

Surprise Parcel: Milk chocolate with a smooth white chocolate truffle centre.

Please note this product may contain nuts.

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