Nestlé Dairy Box (360g)


A Truly Tempting Collection of Delicious Milk Chocolates Made by Nestle.

Dairy Box was launched in 1936, with early advertising including the slogan: “She’ll love it if you bring her chocolates, She’ll love you if they’re Dairy Box”.

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Creamy Caramel
A crisp chocolate shell with a deliciously creamy caramel centre

Almond Praline Crisp
Luscious praline sprinkled with pieces of caramelised almonds

Orange Truffle
A zingy orange truffle bursting with orange zest and crispy pieces

Raspberry Creme
A meltingly soft raspberry creme coated in velvety milk chocolate

Almond Deluxe
A light mousse sprinkled with caramelised almond pieces

Hazelnut Duo
Hazelnut praline sprinkled with chopped roasted hazelnuts and dipped in delicious milk chocolates

Chocolate Truffle
Soft chocolate truffle smothered in silky chocolate

Chocolate Almond Melt
A silky chocolate shell with an almond flavoured mousse centre

Chocolate Indulgence
Chocolate truffle with crispy wafer pieces and an indulgent white chocolate topping

Whole Almond Praline
A whole almond wrapped in tempting praline and smooth milk chocolate.

Please note this product may contain nuts.

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